Wednesday, June 08, 2005

virgin attempts at sanity

virginity has always been a strange and sort of awkward subject for me...why not breech the impass of bloghood by throwing these random thoughts in this virgin blog.

i kept my virginity until i was 21. the first sex i had was horrible. we had to pray afterward. it wasn't until years later that i understood that sex didn't have to be so emotional. i am 27 now.

that's just too much to talk about in the morning with a throbbing toothache.
i have been blogging on myspace for a while now, and i thought it was about time to open my horizons and put it out here. i had found this one guys blog the other day and thought wow that is some beautiful shit. i need to start writing a bit more from my heart and discard all the weird relationship complaints....maybe i feel this is a better forum to do it in for some reason. maybe i will be able to write some poetry and not erase it before publishing.


Bryna said...

Welcome to the world of Blogger! Personally, I like it a lot more than MySpace... but that's just me. Haven't seen ya in a while. How's things? From what you say on Alpha's blog, Congrats on Graduating!!!!


nixiemarie said...

graduate in nov.
things are good, lots of work and schoolin. ummmm, it's hard to break away from mypace, you know? i am addicted.