Monday, June 27, 2005

sailor jerry and mexican slang

Reposted from a myspace blog dated June 3, 2005:

late night rock show at otto's. i got to have some sailor jerry's rum and catch up with some old friends.

note to all my friends: when you see me hooking up or dating someone you know to be an asshole. don't wait an entire year to tell me. and by dating/hooking up (since this concept is so ambiguous these days) i mean, flirting, talking, kissing, grinding etc. not that i let these little trysts last that long, it's just i feel like a total asshole when you tell that you can't believe i hooked up with "that guy". ha. just funny conversations with josh while he was really drunk. nothing better than hearing from him that he heard you getting it on with someone like a year ago. i don't know whether to turn red or laugh uncontrollably.

so the show was good, at some point i became really tired and left before the encore. it was a sort of private show being that btd's antics cleared the room of anyone that didn't have some sort of affiliation to them.

before that i went to an after-work happy hour with the guys from my old job. we talked smack about our old coworkers and ate the free jamaican bbq while listening to the rasta men sing bob marley covers.

so on my way home i listened to one of those new beck songs from guero. i used to really be into beck, not so much now, but the album name intrigued me. when bartending in mexico, i was exposed to a myriad of vernacular deriving specifically from mexico. one of the most intersting ones was "guey".

i had a spanish prof when there that i shared with another girl. our classes consisited of meeting in the courtyard and telling stories in spanish and going to the markets and learing more spanish. marco was the prof's name, he was kind of sexy. anyway i asked marco what the guey meant. in slang it is transalated loosely to the equivalent of "motherfukcer". you may hear some mex's say something like, "que onda guey?" meaning, "what's up motherfucker?"

now becks new album is called guero which is a form of that word. guey originally comes from the old mexican translation of ox, while guero means something along the lines of leather, also used as a derrogatory word in spanish. anyway, i cracked up when i hear beck singing those words. i wonder if anyone wrote about this in a review or something. i am sure beck is snickering to himself, much like i was as i walked back to my apartment last night.


Alpha The Great said...

chop-suey... also derived from an old fruit in Mexico (tee hee)
miss you girlfriend!!!

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Alpha The Great said...

HEY HONEY CAKES!!! Only 2 weeks until my tan ass is in NJ!! WOOHOOOO, going out Friday Night NY STYLE, hook me and the boo up with some fun times, yo (WM for LIFE)

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