Monday, June 13, 2005

11pm Cedar Grove CVS

I had my doc send over my script to the 24hr CVS since I knew I had school until 10 and I wouldn't be back in the Jerz until around 10:30/11ish. I should have expected the worst when I almost got plowed down in the parking lot by some stupid freaking frat boy that was blasting the dave matthews band or just some really bad music that I would associate with that band.

It's 11pm and there are long lines in the cvs and real freaks out shopping. Making my way to the back of the store the frat-hole almost walks into me while looking for a magazine on the rack. how he got in front of me, i do not know. then i get to the line and there is this older couple there. the husband disappears and the wife decked out for a night on the town at cvs starts a fight with the pharmacist over generics and pricing. then, she can't find her card to pay. John, honey.....where's the card? the fat older husband waddles over and starts berating her over the fact the she must have lost the card. It turns out to be in his back pocket. they have a cart full of items, like it's freaking shoprite or something.

to keep myself from having retail rage, i do a tree pose and try to breath. my foot is planted on the inside of my other leg and i am drifting into a peaceful place when i hear....(crecendo)fucking shut up, fucking shut up. dammit, i said fucking shut up! - there's a 6ft 300 lb swearing machine at the other end of the pharmacy counter. the man in front of me gets his meds and i quickly get mine and leave, not without spying the older single men that were doing their grocery shopping at 11pm at the fucking CVS!

man, i need to go to sleep. it was just too surreal to not write about, even if it isn't totally coherent....i am overschooled today.

Tomorrow, I am going to an internist to find out why I am so dizzy. Hopefully that creepy animal will burrow it's way up through the floor of our trailer and some other fun stuff will happen.

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