Friday, May 21, 2010


The one you marry is often your best friend; you make a pact that you'll help each other awaken. ~John Friend

The story goes, boy met girl in Chicago while girl was on bizness trip. Girl was crazy cool but lived in NJ.  Boy kept calling, emailing and texting girl despite it all.  Boy flew to visit girl in New Jersey, girl flew to visit boy in Chicago.  Boy proposed and she said -- shut up don't say that  Yes!!  The rest is history.

We got hitched on April 24, 2010 -- it was amazing.  People say your wedding is the best day of your life.  I didn't want to be disappointed so I just expected a cool day.  I was totally blown away - as I usually am when I let the Universe take care of it all.

I started the day with my dear friend and teacher, Emma, with a yoga practice in the pool room of the hotel.  There was a lot of crying and hugging and stretching.  I'm so glad I got the opportunity to have such a wise woman to set the tone for the day.

The weather was gorgeous.  The ceremony was fun and yet just what we wanted to express our love and devotion.  The reception was the best - filled with a rock star entrance, cotton candy, vintage glassware filled with flowers everywhere, a candy bar with handstamped commemorative bags and love.

It was one heck of a party to celebrate the fact that love can really change you and bring you to a new place. 

No matter how tough things get, I can always depend on us as TEAM TRAUM! If being a wife means I get a companion to live life more fully - than I am in.