Tuesday, January 26, 2010

this is what happens....

when you go for a run and leave your laptop open. the culprit was caught red-handed orange-pawed when i found the comma key in his mouth.

and what did i do?? i smacked him on the butt and later cuddled with him on the couch. i am officially a cat person.

we always had pets growing up....cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fish, chickens and goats -- most of which were outdoor pets. it's a whole new world having an inside cat in our apartment.

i was very reticent about jared bringing his cat, cathcart, from chicago when he moved here. she and i had a rocky relationship which didn't get better until just near the end of her life. some say she knew she was dying and reconciled with me to get into kitty heaven, but i think she just had to make sure i was the right girl for your long-time beau and my future husband. unfortunately, she passed away a few months ago from lymphoma.

it was totally out of character for me to want a cat. we rescued heathie, and honestly just seeing him in this house filled with cats and this look on his face, made me melt. he was a mess, covered in fleas, whiskers all mangled but he had this cute disposition and enough personality for me to know he was a perfect fit. and now, here i am a cat lady (not the plastic surgery kind). i see it as practice for having kids -- i just hope our children are not nearly as mischievous!!

the laptop is fixed, and he's onto better things like hiding my makeup brushes and glasses, or getting locked in the closet. the thing is, i am home now on leave and he keeps me company, and keeps things interesting. they always say that pets help people stay healthy, like when older people get a dog or something, and i totally believe it. he definitely could and has staying cuddled in bed all day,but he also likes to be there nudging me along on the yoga mat or when i am making a craft. it's nice to let something into my life and share it.


ME! said...

Cats are awesome. I miss mine terribly... and now Nola wants a pet. Too bad the only thing she'll ever have will be a hampster.

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alphaTHEgreat said...

I LOVE my kitties... well one of them, Frankenstein, he's so crazy, and he's and old man and he still chases his tail, seriously he's like 17 in human years (like 1000 in cat years?!) Then there's Marley, she's a pretty bitch, too cool for school type of cat.. and we want to adopt a new kitty soon. What the hell is up with "Anonymous", um, wrong thread buddy. hee haw

roberta said...

i didn't know jared's cat passed away....sorry to hear that....what a great entry to read...i'm also a cat person...always always loved cats...so nice that you gave that cat a home....they are so faithful.....and so much easier than dogs to take care of...enjoy