Wednesday, August 12, 2009

real housewife advice.

everyone offers their advice. i take it usually with a grain of salt.

but, i do wonder what kind of advice the real housewives of nj have for a future real housewife of nj (a girl can dream, can't she)???

we noticed while walking in town the other day that the housewives are appearing at the wellmont theatre just a mere hop, skip and a jump from our place. i have no idea what those ladies could possibly be doing at the theater that garners a whopping $27+ entrance fee. but you have to know that i really freaking want to go!!!

have you seen this show? it's OUT OF HAND. and i've only seen like three episodes!!!

anyone want to join me?? i mean if not for the great entertainment of the ladies, there will be endless amounts of amusement from the choice nj cliches that will attend!! i hope it's an open Q & A session.

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Bryna said...

The girls in my office are looking into the one in Atlantic City. I told them about this one too, though.