Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the name game

i just read a funny article about the whole taking on of the husbands name issue.

apparently, it's not gender neutral to take on your new huzzies last name. but, a bunch of women in middle america believe it should be mandated that the ladies take on the husbands last name. i don't know if there needs to be a government mandate -- that's a bit much.

i don't really consider myself to be a very strict feminist. though i have some strong views, i seem to fall back on the 1950s housewife model which seems in all honesty to be a pretty sweet deal, minus the misogyny.

being one of two daughters to carry on the michaelson name, i definitely considered keeping my last name, i might even keep it as a middle name. no hyphen though, i don't think i am progressive enough for that.

i mean, what happens to your kids if you don't change your last name? what name do they get? do they have to use a hyphen??


Alpha The Great said...

what about...
Has a nice ring to it!!!!
no hyphen, just purely attached bliss!!!!

Bryna said...

My mother and sister are teachers. Yes, kids actually have hyphenated last names these days! Now what happens if THEY want to keep the name? Is it then THREE names hypenated?!?!?! WTF!

Then there's Dave's cousin who's new wife kept her last name, and not his, not even hypenated. It's weird... how do I address envelopes? To Steve & Katie. I don't know how to do it otherwise!