Monday, August 04, 2008

on my honor

remember the good old girl scout/boy scout days?? i was a girl scout basically up until 8th grade. i probably would have continued on and gotten my gold award (that is the girl equivalent of the eagle scout award -- i had the silver award) but my mom sorta got sick.

anyway nowadays, i like to consider myself a modern day girl scout. i found this blogging badge pic (right) from some blog i came across today, it's obviously a spoof but it really got me thinking about how many things ther are out there to foster kids creativity. i guess there are a lot of things that foster as well as hinder their creativity, like how i just want to play on the internet or watch E! and waste my time instead of crafting or cooking. blogging should totally be an actual badge that you can get. so far as i peruse, i don't see one, i did see some badges worth mentioning....

for some reason i can't seem to find the requirements for these badges but one can only imagine the fun stuff that you have to do to adorn your vest with these bad boys. these ones i should have earned already for just being me.

1. Food Fibers and Farming Badge

this badge immediately make me think of going to the fiber farm with brian and sage. i mean, wow, you get to learn how to farm or at least make your own garden, deal with livestock and maybe even shear the suckers for some fiber. this would tie in to a yarn-making badge for those inclined to the fiber arts.

2. Outdoors in the City Badge

is this is the badge you get for eating your lunch in central park or going to a park for summerstage? it would be interesting to see
what the requirements are
for this one. hypodermic needle scavenger hunt?? what it congers up for me is a memory of walking to the waterfront on north 7th street in brooklyn with hatchy. we climbed through a hole in the fence, walked through an overgrown lot and came across a guy in his underwear bathing in a bathtub not very hidden from the weeds. he asked us for some soap but we were out. i guess that makes me an unprepared girl scout. but seriously, i thought hipsters didn't shower. we did get to enjoy the evening and see the city light up as we braved the brooklyn wilderness.

3. Traveler Badge

my crazy schedule these days totally earns me this one. attaining this badge should also include some sort of relay to see who can get through airline security the most efficiently with no checked luggage. this could also include having not only the math skills but also the ability to track and keep all your receipts in order to complete your expense report on time, get the check and still earn all your american express points! last but not least this is the badge you get for taking the red-eye, getting woken up by a medical emergency and then having to work the next day.

4. Making Hobbies Badge

here we go... i think i actually had this one. i know i had this one. currently there is the sock project going on. but i am also working on a whole lot of christmas presents for the family and freinds. oh, and soon jenn and i are going to take a sewing class so i can finally use my freaking sewing machines!!


there are some other real doozies of funny badges. but that's it for now. time for me to get things together and do some yoga!

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