Wednesday, August 20, 2008

commuter karma

it seems that i have really bad commuter karma, which is a bad thing for someone that travels as much as i do. over the past few months i have been back and forth to sf for work. i have sat for hours in airports, on the plane, in the train station or even on a train -- waiting, just waiting like i always do.

i hate hate hate it so much i just want to give up. i mean every once in a while is ok but when it happens like every time you have to go somewhere??!?!? -- i get pretty pissed. my last trip from newark to chicago was delayed over five hours! then the trip back from sf to newark was delayed four hours!! because of that i had three hours of sleep before my double header yoga classes that i teach every saturday.

so when you hear that someone gets to travel for work, just remember that it's not as glamorous as it sounds.

to top of my streak of bad commuter karma, i have been having a little run in with the nj transit just about every time i step on a train. this week, the train had its usual delays on monday and then last night, when i just wanted to get home and sort through my 3 suitcases and 2 piles of previous suitcases, i got the nj transit screw again. this time i didn't get home until almost 8pm. i left the office at 5:30! grrr.

i did spot my favorite greasy train conductor, aka brock. he's totally jersey and probably drives an iroc. he's been spotted flirting with the ladies and lingering just a little too long. my train buddies and i like to talk smack and make up stores about him -- like he's some sort of train celebrity. i am sure his name isn't brock, but he just looks like he needs a name like that and, well, we were really bored one day waitng again for the train so we made it up. he used to work our beat everyday...the 7:47 train from walnut to penn. then he disappeared. he resurfaces now and again. at least it made my elongated trip home a little more bearable. there's a pic of the elusive nj transit playboy to the right! you can always spot him by his signature pony tail and exposed arms. ;)

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