Friday, August 15, 2008


it's 2am west coast time and i am restless. so restless that i created an avatar from this site. it's a pathetic reiteration of myself. i have tried to do this a few different times and they always seem to fall short. i think the whole avatar creation should maybe be done by someone other than yourself. one time my friend, tom eaton, drew a cartoon of me and it totally was like -- me! ho hum, i am getting delirious.

i need to rest. i have an 8am conference call and then my flight out of here back to the east coast. i think this is my last time out here in sf for work and i am kind of bummed. i wanted to go out and play today but it was another 12 hour day. this was the worst of them all bc it was a day of waiting. we played cards, i painted my nails, we packed a few boxes and then just waited. i hate fedex ground.

i was planning on going to the frida exhibit at the moma but didn't make it -- meh. i just checked and they open tomorrow at 10am, i have just enough time for a one hour run through!! off to bed with dreams of frida-esque unibrows.

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