Tuesday, July 07, 2009

engagement photos -- suggestions please.

do we need them?? no.
but our awesome photog/friend is all about them. and secretly, i kind of love the idea.

since we met in chicago, and then jared moved to nj, we decided that nyc was out. instead we thought of doing photos up by the west milford/ringwood area which is ironically where we both grew up. any ideas? we definitely want something out of the box, with a vintage charm to it.

i just did a search for 'west milford attractions' the first link was to
West Milford NJ Romantic Attractions and Things to Do for Couples. seriously?? McKeages? i used to tap dance on the bar as a child to get shirley temple's with my grandfather.


it just occurred to me that we could do them in front of the 'flowerhead' (see pic to the right). ok, maybe not.

anyways, here are some real options:

greenwood lake airport

ringwood manor
or just somewhere near the mountain with my schwinn.

please advise!!!


Bryna said...

Any one of the lakes.
Shoprite parking lot.
Clinton Falls.

Of course, I don't really know Ringwood very much, but Ringwood Manor is gorg. OR, the damn would make some nice shots.

That's my suggestions.

Jessica said...

we could paddle you guys out to the middle of the lake on our floating raft!!! just a thought.