Thursday, May 28, 2009

maid of honor.

in the next two weeks i will be maid of honor in two - count them - two weddings. not sure how i feel about this; one is pretty chill, and the other is not so chill. tomorrow i get to chill, and by chill i mean take a ferry to city hall and watch my bff get hitched to a pretty stellar guy. she's going all out full wedding dress and her two daughters as flower girls. i just hope the predicted thunderstorms hold off a bit.

i am having 5 girls in my wedding party -- is that too much? is it bad that i want them to wear black? what if i morph into a bridezilla and mandate pink taffeta -- what if? and what's up with having to 'pick my colors' now? why do people have to make this whole wedding planning thing a pain in the ass? i will remind you that i am getting married next april, not next week!

also, tonight my rents meet jared's rents. hopefully cathcart will behave herself.


Pamela Goldsteen said...

My wedding attendants (all 2 of them) wore black. I chose it bcs my maid of honor already had a black dress, from her sister's wedding. Pragmatism!

Bryna said...

Nothing wrong with Black. It give you SO much play room for the rest of the decor.

And I had 5 girls. I thougth it was nice. They all got ready at my mom's house with plenty of room. I've been to weddings with 9+ bridesmaids and the bride afterwards was like, I didn't even spend time with them because we couldn't all be together at any point!

So, yeah, 5. And you have plenty of time to decide on colors. :)

Alpha The Great said...

yes, black is the new mixed...