Wednesday, May 27, 2009

every freaking day.

i get (verbally,mentally and actually one time physically) accosted by these street people under the guise of Children's International. they work the small block across the street from Bloomingdale's which happens to be the block i work on. admittedly, i have never actually given them my time so that they could goad me into giving some money to children in a third world country (think sally struthers but with a blue smock with CHILDREN'S INTERNATIONAL plastered across it).

they are there every freaking day. with their chipper smiles and sneaky ways. the thing is, that when i walk past them it is either to run and grab some lunch, which - mind you - i have to bring back to either eat at my desk or at a communal table with coworkers who eat and talk with their mouth full, or they catch my running on my way to catch the subway in hopes of escaping manhattan at the mercy of nj transit.

and they are out there in rain or snow, hot or cold; i just wish they could spread their love around to other blocks. there have been times that i had to forgo my chinese take-out of choice bc i just couldn't handle dealing with them. i have even resorted to pretending to talk on my cell when passing them. it's pathetic, i know. i guess that's what you get for working in the city.


pamela goldsteen said...

Remind me to tell you about the time I confronted a Christian deceptively prosyletizing on the streets of new Brunswick by giving out entennmen's cookies.

Alpha The Great said...

... next time, before they ask YOU for money, go up to them with a coffee can and ask THEM for money... tell them life has been tough, and you are collecting for the "general life fund". Tell them that I (as in me, Alpha) am in need in California... and the funds they give you will greatly enhance my world. let me know how it goes.