Thursday, October 09, 2008

happy 'jew' year!

so with the jewish holiday there is no one here in my office. but the internet definitely isn't jewish or at least doesn't celebrate the high holidays....

i got a few goodies in my inbox that totally made me laugh. first, i got a link to the literal video for aha's take on me song. it basically sings what is happening in the video to the tune of the actual song. if you have had any sort of exposure to the 80's (that is unless you've lived in a black whole for the last 30 years) you know this ridiculous video where an 80's chick is reading a comic and the comic guy comes alive and pulls her into the comic with him. there's also a wrench fight at the end!!

then the other goodie that i got to pass the slow day is this other 80's redux but with a slightly more political slant:

courtesy of Bust Magazine

i'm wondering if the drill/snowmobile is likened to mc cain. does anyone else see it? it seems to have that goofy/slighly evil mr. smithers grimace that he keep flashing.

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orata said...

So awesome! thanks for sharing these.