Friday, September 12, 2008

Day Two - feeling good, a little manic

so i made it through day one and am onto day 2. i had my first 2 juices and am off to get a mani pedi at lunch. i might just bring juice #3 with me to enjoy while being pampered.

it's funny, i'm not really hungry, but i totally have this craving for a gluten-free homemade soft pretzel. i came across this recipe on the net and am totally psyched to try it (once i am off the juice that is). i can't wait for the fall/winter to really expand my gluten free cooking;it's too hot in the summer to really try too hard. i plan to learn how to make gluten free bread this fall bc god only knows how freaking expensive the store bought kind is. my lovely friend, soffia, is going to share her icelandic bread-making skills. it's likely that we will listen to bjork or sigur ros whilst we bake.

other thoughts for baking -- depending on what time i get home today, i may bake up some chai cupcakes for mona's 40th bday weekend. it all depends on how much i want to torture myself.

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