Friday, June 19, 2009

next up.

now that my sister's wedding is done, the attention and hysteria has shifted to me and jared. even at becca's wedding, about every other person made a note that, 'youuuuuuu're next!!'

our engagement party invites went out earlier this week and so, i am sure there will be lots of unexpected nagging and prodding -- it's already started over what cake-topper, serving set, type of candles, color of dresses, types of flowers, number of guests and anything else you can think of.

overall, i am pretty psyched. jared is even getting really excited. we met with our caterer last night to go over the menu and it's going to be awesome. we are even going to have a french fry table!!! a freaking french fry table with different dipping sauces.

since we are having the wedding at a non-traditional place we get to do all the planning. and though i opted to not have a planner -- luckily our caterer handles all the coordination on the day of-- the details can be fun but also time and $ consuming. being a frugal and creative person, i plan on diy-ing a lot of the wedding. luckily i have a mother, a sister and a mother-in-law-to-be who are all crafty.

here are some ideas on my diy projects:
  • sweets/candy bar. this one is pretty straight forward. we are going to get some cool retro-esque candy, i will bake some choc chip cookies and then i thought we could also get some mini-cupcakes to serve along with those. i found two really cool old glass jars that will give it a candy store sort of feel. if you have any you can lend us, that would be great!
  • diy flower bouquets and boutinieers. this seems pretty easy. i just watched a video on the process which really took a lot of the mystery out of it. this is something i think the bridal party could do together the day before. having five girls in the bridal party can definitely add up with all the bouquets, corsages and boutineers. i have to scope out the flower market and then decide whether i should go that route or one of the many online bulk sites. again, reccommendations are totally welcome.
  • favors. not sure what these will be, but i have a whole bunch of ideas bookmarked. this will be a fun project for the family to help me with.
so i am excited.... we have 309 days of fun planning and projects left. for now, we are looking forward to the engagement party at my dad's house in a few weeks!!

btw, we did pick some colors. since i really wanted jared to be a part of this we ended up going to look at invitation colors for inspiration. he really liked the silver and navy combo, as did i. we ended up picking those colors. i was inspired by this martha stewart pallette (see pic to the right).

i've already picked up some ribbon in that cool mossy aqua color. and my dress will not be blue, but i am sure there will be something blue involved. i also think that creamy white and peachy pink flowers will really compliment this combo. that means that the ladies will get to wear either a dark gray or navy.


Bryna said...

Here's my thoughts - take 'em or leave 'em...

Sweets/Candy Bar:
Apolthocary jars work nice. Getting metal scoopers so it's penny candy throw back. You can buy candy from an era. Find them here: and you can get it from the 70's or 80's. Cute thought. You can get cellophane bags and ribbon your color. Put stickers on each bag with your name/wedding date. It would then double as a favor.

Amy Manning did her own flowers. She even had the flower girls carry the ball shaped kind... very difficult to put together, but her flowers were GORGEOUS. She ordered them online. I could find out her information for you if you are interested. :) It will save you hundreds by doing your own. What about table flowers/candles; What are your thoughts there?

nicole marie said...

hey, thanks!

yeah, i have some old-style apothecary jars. i am looking into metal scoopers.

have you ever used this xyron machine to make stickers??

i am thinking cherry blossoms for centerpieces. those are something i can get the week of and just put into tall glass containers.

i thought of those ball shaped things for the flower girls, but it looks like a disaster waiting to happen. i might make then flower purses out of silk flowers and call it a day. that way they can keep them.

please find out where amy ordered her flowers. i am considering growers box and fifty flowers.