Monday, December 29, 2008

a very merry christmas

jared and i got engaged on 12/20/08!!!!

he got all romantic and asked me on the beach in fort myers, florida. we are really happy and excited and also possibly a little bit overwhelmed by all the crazy things you need to think about when planning a wedding.

this pic was taken just after he asked me on the beach. and yes, he got down on one knee and prior to asking me he went and asked my dad's permission!! to answer the burning question that i keep getting asked, we'd like to have a fall wedding in '09. not sure if that's possible but we are going to try!!

the engagement story:
i arrived on the 20th ready to make holiday cookies with jared and his mom, which we did. i was antsy to get to the beach since when i left nj earlier that day it was 20 degrees and snowing. so we went off to fort myers beach, which is a bit like the jersey shore. we had some pina colada's and chatted up with the other snow birds. then we walked on the beach to catch some rays. after goofing around on the sand and watching a family make a crazy sand castle (you can see the castle behind us in the pic), i jumped up to pack up the towels and get back to the car since we didn't put much change in the meter. when i turned around, jared was still kneeling on his towel. then he reached over to his shoe and said he had to ask me something and, 'you can't say, shut up don't say that' - which is what i affectionately said after he first told me he loved me. he opened up a box and asked me to be his wife. *gush* luckily i didn't say anything stupid (like shut up don't say that) and instead yelled, 'yes!!!' then i started shaking and eventually crying which happened in succession for the days that proceeded.

here's a pic of my gorgeous engagement ring that jared picked out himself!!! i'm one lucky girl!!

and a note to the girls and guys that think love is bs. it totally isn't just hang in there. i had to date a whole lot of jerkimo's before i found a guy that is totally awesome.

any suggestions for a non-traditional super cool wedding site in new jersey/nyc are greatly appreciated!!



Alpha The Great said...

Fall 2009... so that means I have just enough time to get my engagement story posted, and head to the alter along with ya!!! I say you have it at the Willowbrook Mall, plenty of space, and many spectators!!! heheee

nicole marie said...

OMG - YES!!!
and we can have the reception at the willowbrook arcade! i love it!

Bryna said...

CONGRATS! OMG the ring is gorgeous! And very cute story!

My friend is getting married at the Stone Hill at Stirling Ridge which is gorgeous... granted her wedding isn't until May so I haven't attended it yet and don't know first hand. But check out their website:

I of course, am in love with the place I had my wedding.

And if you are looking for something unique, a winery is a cool place to go. And super cool in the fall. Here are some in Jersey:

If you need help with anything... I love planning weddings and eventually will do that full time. Just send me an email.

Sorry for the long response. Hope it helps!

nicole marie said...


well we are trying to go and look at renault winery like this week since it's right around the corner from my aunt and uncles. i will look into the other places. thanks so much. i might take you up on the help once we make some decisions.